Outback Tour in Cairns: Must-Try in Australia

Cairns has often been referred to as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. However, this city in the tropical part of North Queensland does have its distinctive offerings to tourists who fancy visiting it. In fact, Cairns Outback tours  are one of the most sought after types of tours in Queensland. If you are seeing a more adventurous break from the laid back ambiance in Cairns, you should definitely book this tour! Why Travel to Cairns? Cairns is one of many cities in Australia that combines a modern metropolis with the beauty of nature. These two seem to blur the lines from each other. On one end, you will find a lot of modern hotspots that make this modern city a popular destination for young tourists – restaurants, shops, bars, clubs and beautiful resorts. The CBD area in Cairns is not as uptight as you would expect a modern city. There is still a laidback vibe to it, which further endears it to tourists. Some of the top destinations in the CBD area include the Esplanade and the Boardwalk, which provides quick access to the city and the beach. On the other hand, it is a gateway to many tropical adventures that include riding a 4WD vehicle with the best outback tours Cairns has to offer. Locals suggest taking the outback tours in Cairns to really appreciate the beauty of the area. The vast wilderness has plenty to offer for tourists seeking an adventure! Cape York Peninsula When in Cairns, one of the destinations that Cairns outback tours have to offer include a stop in the Cape York Peninsula. It is an important stop in the tour because this is where you will find a concentration of all things you will find in the outback in Cairns. It has one of the world’s wildest and highly preserved tropical environments. But it is also marked by variety, which is a great prospect for tourists who want to see many things during their outback tours Cairns has to offer.  Outback Overnight One side of the peninsula consists of a thick rainforest and beaches lined with palm trees. Meanwhile, another part of the Cape York Peninsula is filled with eucalyptus forests, coastal mangroves and savannah woodlands. Most of the path to these locations is the sight of an untamed landscape with several trees falling down to cover the tracks during the monsoon season. Hence, you need to choose a company that offer Cairns outback tours that are reputable and makes use of a reliable vehicle. You will definitely need a 4WD in order to explore these sights given that the landscape can be unforgiving and unwelcoming to guests. But that is also what endears them to tourists – the fact that the sight is created by nature! Another reason to choose a reputable tour operator for your outback tours is that you want to follow safety protocols. When exploring a thick and lush jungle and deserted parts of the island, there are a lot of potential dangers. Hence, the tour operator will coordinate with local officials about possible warnings or road closings. It pays to know ahead of time rather than risk lives exploring the Cairns and the outback without a clue of what’s waiting for you!