Echuca Houseboats – Great Holiday Idea on the River

A family holiday spent on a houseboat on the Murray River is worth its weight in gold. It is such a great getaway and has no parallel to any other similar weekend or even a full week of vacation in any city-destination staying in the highly formalised environment of a hotel. The luxurious Echuca houseboats are fun to stay in and move around on the river. The only aspect to be borne in mind is that you and your family must remain safe while living on the houseboat.

Fun and Relaxation Should be Complete

The essence of people hiring houseboats in Echuca is to have some peaceful holiday time preferably with an extended family and/or friends. Some of these boats have 5 bedrooms, and accommodation should therefore, not be a constraint for a large group. You have everything you need to live and enjoy. There are complete lifestyle provisions like TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, CD player and other entertainment systems on board. Yes, you will have to bring in the groceries and food to cook and have your meals.

Drive the Boat if You Have the Licence

Some people choose to spend their holiday for the sheer pleasure of captaining one of the luxury Echuca houseboats. The agencies owning the boats permit individuals to operate the boats on the Murray River, if they hold a valid licence to steer boats. The only factor to be kept in view is that these houseboats are of huge size like flotillas, and unless you are good at steering these, you might end up hitting another boat on the river causing it damage. But the cruising speeds are very low, and the houseboats move quite slowly on the river. Luxury on the Murray

Make the Holiday Count

Once you have finalised your plans to hire the houseboat at the Echuca river port for your next holiday, browse through the availability of the best houseboats in Echuca and find out the prices and the terms of hiring. It is always advisable to fully read the terms of hiring the boats, the timings for taking possession and for vacating, etc. If you are travelling to Echuca by your own car, there are provisions to park the vehicle securely for a fee. The prices for hiring also vary throughout the year and also for different boats the rates could be different.

If you have hired Echuca houseboats earlier, and you are familiar with the way it is done, it makes the process easier.

As mentioned, staying safe while on the houseboats is also important. It is very much your responsibility, in particular, if you have kids accompanying on the holiday. Incidents of persons tripping over and even losing their lives have been reported. People might tend to drink while on the boat walk to the deck and trip over. One has to stay safe.

An interesting fact about spending a holiday in one of the Echuca houseboats on the Murray River is that the other side of the river is the neighbouring state of New South Wales, and one can ride the boat towards that side, but you might not be able to anchor the boat there. Make the trip count.

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